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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pillowise concept in 30 seconds?

Pillowise is a pillow fitting system using a unique algorithm to match your individual body dimensions and way of sleeping to one of 6 Pillowise pillows. You can sleep on a custom fit pillow to align the upper cervical vertebrae and get the correct support to fully relax your muscles during your sleep and optimise your night’s rest.

What do I have to measure?

In short you will take three measurements: 1. Shoulder width 2. Neck circumference 3. Neck length

Furthermore you indicate the firmness of the mattress (soft, medium, firm) as well as the preferred sleep position (side, back, stomach).

For a detailed explanation, refer to the measuring guide and the measure page with videos.

I don’t know my sleeping position or I change my position during the night. What should I choose? 

Everyone changes the sleeping position during the night, but most people always start in the same position. The position when you lie in your bed in order to fall asleep, this is the sleep position you enter. In Western countries side sleep position is the most common and prescribed as most healthy sleep position. In case you really do not have any indication, use the side sleep position in Western countries.

I don’t know the firmness of my mattress.

If you don’t know it, choose medium. If you have a memory foam mattress, also choose medium. Most people will know if they prefer or have a soft or firm mattress.

I have measured two people with totally different body sizes and the have the same Pillowise color. How is that possible?

The uniqueness of the system and the algorithm is that we use five factors to determine the right pillow. This is why it can happen that someone with broad shoulders and an above average neck circumference above average, can have the same pillow size as a small shouldered person with a small neck circumference.

Can I measure myself?

Ideally, a second person measures you.

Why don’t you take a person’s weight into account?

A heavier person sinks deeper in the mattress and will need a lower pillow. We want to bring a system that has the perfect balance in complexity and workability. The measuring system indicates the perfect pillow size for 95% of all people. It is always valuable to check if a person lies in a correct position as well.

I measured a person and let him try the advised pillow color. However, the person was not lying in a correct straight position. The pillow did seem to high / low.

Make sure that you measured using the right body points as indicated in the measuring guide and in the video’s for example on If in a rare case a dissenting pillow advice turns out, (for example due to an individual’s specific physique or when a woman is pregnant. Therefore always check and adjust if necessary. Still 95% are perfect matches.

How can I know my mattress type when traveling, in order to match a Pillowise travel pillow?

For hotel sleeping, typically choose a medium mattress.

What are Pillowise pillows made of?

The core is made of 100% premium Dutch memory foam. Cover is made of 100% Tencel top layer on polyester. (Total mixture of the fabric 40% Tencel/60% polyester)

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is high specification foam with unique properties when it comes to comfort. If you sleep on a memory foam pillow or mattress pad you will experience far more comfort than you would with a regular pillow or mattress. In addition, memory foam helps to ease and prevent painful pressure points.

How does memory foam work?

Memory Foam is pressure relieving. Activated by pressure and warmth, memory foam molds itself exactly to your body shape. Pressure is evenly distributed over your whole body. Memory foam is, visco-elastic in contrast to PU foams that are elastic. Elastic foams keep pressing against the body when being deformed, where memory foam gently takes the shape of the body, without pressing against the body to return to its original shape. This causes the amazing comfort increasing quality of memory foam.

What is the advantage of Pillowise memory foam in comparison to other similar products?

Pillowise memory foam moulds itself more quickly to your body shape than other types of memory foam, offering instant comfort. As you change sleeping position, the Pillowise memory foam adapts with you. Thanks to a favourable temperature curve Pillowise memory foam remains soft and comfortable even at lower temperatures.